Our goals



Serving the communities by bringing the love and peace of Christ in them, exist in God’s love and worship HIM in Truth and Spirit.  


As followers of Christ, we look forward to reflecting God’s love on Communities. To build a closeness in the fellowship (koinonia) of Christ and enable them to:


  • Worship God in Truth and Spirit

  • Be rooted and grounded in the Word and Love of God

  • Learn the Word to show themselves approved unto God to witness the word of truth in all contexts

  • Provide pastoral care to build up people and families to grow and mature as the disciples of Christ

  • Go, teach and preach the Biblical Truth to those in need through ‘Word’ and ‘Deed’

  • Be responsible disciples and faithful stewards of the resources entrusted

  • Commit their lives to Christ and in agreement with others to demonstrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit through worship, witness, life and ministry.  




  •  Worship & Fellowship

  • Caring & Hospitality

  • Teach ability & accountability

  • Reaching the unreached

  • Growing together spiritual

  • Faithfulness and transparency

  • Valuing unity in diversity